“The law is playing catch up with the pace of change in vehicle technology”

Queen’s speech - Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill

Leaving aside the politics of minority governments and Brexit – one piece of legislation was announced in the Queen’s speech that is another step in paving the way towards autonomous vehicles and improved infrastructure for electric vehicles – but the law is still playing catch up with the pace of technology.

The snappily named Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill will allow for insurance policies to accommodate autonomous vehicles – as the pace of autonomous technology is accelerating the law must catch up. After consultation, the insurance industry welcomes this proposed change;

David Williams, Head of Underwriting, at AXA UK, said: “This is a positive step forward that provides clarity to insurers to ensure we design our products appropriately. It keeps protection of the general public at its heart which we hope will encourage early adoption of some really impressive technology.”*

Electric vehicles – range anxiety

One of the main objections and challenges to investing in electric vehicles is range anxiety and a lack of charging infrastructure. It is a huge ‘nudge’ but hopefully having the weight of government behind it could see a huge increase in charging points – but as ever with government, don’t expect it tomorrow.

Reassuring the customer

Our feedback from working with manufacturers and their dealers across the UK is that the public needs clear and reliable information to allow them to make positive decisions about cars with increased levels of autonomous technology and even more clarity about electric and hybrid cars – dealers need to raise their game in understanding and explaining this technology as it not going away. Our learning and development and training support is playing its part in this.

*Source: Department for Transport


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