From RTS Group employees...

Augmented Reality; the next big thing?

Augmented Reality is nothing new. In fact, it’s over sixty years old, having been invented by...

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Pull Learning: Just Another Buzz Phrase?

Most people have experienced something called push learning, i.e. something that you are pushed...

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Is the Industry Stepping into a Customer Satisfaction Nightmare?

The growth of the Electric Vehicle sector in its many forms including hybrids...

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Comment on EU Referendum

The Brexit vote, far from resolving economic concerns will, we believe, create further...

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Opening Up Dealerships to a More Diverse Set of Customers

Since cars were first invented, in the 19th century, it is fair to say their looks have...

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Tackling Troublemakers – How to make difficult staff your biggest advocates

We are living in a time where the threat of terror has never been so great...

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Know the competition: Taking a professional approach

The advent of the internet has been mostly a wonderful thing, especially for those of us who are embarking...

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Press Release: Four new faces at automotive learning and development agency RTS Group

Leading learning and development agency RTS Group is driving up its headcount and taking on four new staff.

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Selling to the Millennials

I am constantly reminded like all of us I am getting older every day. That’s fine, but the real challenge is that my colleagues, customers...

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