From RTS Group employees...

Volvo Lovers Will Drive Fundraising at Charity Track Day

Fans of Volvo cars will have the chance to ride in their favourite vehicles...

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Are you wasting money on your dealership launch event?

Dealer launch events – we’ve all been there, done that and got the T-shirt...

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Building trust with women – how far have retailers come?

Yes, we’ve moved on. But how by how much? Are the days of the ‘dolly bird’ draped across a new car...

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The Automotive Sector and Staff from Overseas

Don’t panic! This is not a political article, and it does steer clear of Donald Trump – but...

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RTS Group reaches awards final

We’re delighted to announce we have been selected as finalists for Wiltshire Life magazine’s...

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How to Improve Your CSI – and Make it Last!

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) have almost become the...

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Where did my customers go?

We are repeatedly told that it costs more to win new customers than retain existing ones.

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Being present with the customer: just a fad or great new way of thinking?

Every so often a new way of thinking comes around, advising you that you are missing a trick...

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Augmented Reality; the next big thing?

Augmented Reality is nothing new. In fact, it’s over sixty years old, having been invented by...

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