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Learning & Development

People are at the heart of any successful automotive dealership. To create a world-class dealership, you need world class people, and learning and development leads to long-term success – we provide the learning, you continually succeed.

Learning Media

The world of learning and development has changed. Where once people would be in a classroom, in front of flipcharts and PowerPoint, now we can harness the power of a digital world, delivering powerful and long lasting learning at the touch of a button. 


Our events are different; they have a lasting impact. Why? Because we create them with learning and development in mind. We stage events which excite your staff not just on the day. They create enthusiasm and passion, giving them knowledge and experience. 


Outsourcing can be an important tool for businesses which don’t want to be distracted from their main task of running the company and creating value. We work in consultation with you, and take on as much or as little as you need.


At the heart of a successful dealership are people and processes. Get these right and you’ll drive your performance. We are experts in DPI (dealer performance improvement).

Legal & Compliance

Remaining compliant is vital for any automotive dealership, but for busy managers, getting to grips with the implications of ever-changing legislation is another time burden – yet you can’t afford to get this wrong.

About us

We create world-class automotive dealerships through learning and development for your frontline people. Their knowledge, skills and passion deliver your brand promise to your customers and increase your sales.

How do we do this? By working with automotive manufacturers and dealerships across the globe, looking at processes, people and skills, and creating ways to improve performance. One method is through managing your events, where we help you maximise the learning. We’ve even created an app to support this – check out this video to find out more.

How will you know we’ve succeeded? We measure our success against agreed outcomes, so that we can demonstrate a return through improved individual and financial performance and customer satisfaction.

meet the team

Our business is like yours - it's driven by people!

Alison Noble Group Finance Director

Alison is finance director for RTS Group, and oversees the accounts and HR functions of the company, both of which have grown substantially since she joined in 2004.

Clark Hall Junior Creative Media Developer

Clark is a member of RTS Group’s growing design team, helping to bring cutting edge technology to the field of learning and development.

Sarah Michalik Senior Learning Development Manager

Sarah joined RTS Group in 2014 and is senior learning and development consultant. Sarah works closely with a number of our clients to design solutions which perfectly fit the needs of their business.

Louise is Head of Studio for RTS Group, overseeing the learning and development consultants, creative team and associates.

Tim is with RTS Group’s Volvo team, delivering product training and supporting launch events for the manufacturer’s network of dealers, covering the East Midlands and South East side of the UK.

Toni Horner Project Manager

Toni is one of our project managers, working closely with our clients to deliver quality solutions covering brand engagement events, learning and development activities and product launches.

Our values

Our company ‘DNA’ is built around our EDI programme to Engage, Develop and Inspire; it is what keeps us focussed on delivering great learning.

Engage 100%
Develop 100%
Inspire 100%

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We love people – it’s what our business is all about. At RTS Group we continue to develop by ensuring that we keep as close to our clients as possible.


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