How do you prevent your events becoming a bit ‘been there, done that, got the T-shirt’ or, in this case, probably a branded pen?                                                      

Events are put centre stage by RTS Group

19th October 18

Malcolm Miller

How do you prevent your events becoming a bit ‘been there, done that, got the T-shirt’ or, in this case, probably a branded pen?

Are you keen to avoid the ‘same old, same old feeling’ that descends as soon as you arrive, and are given your name badge?

Here’s one answer.

We’ve created a new brand, RTS Events, to provide a focus for our rapidly expanding events division and create impactful and memorable automotive events.

Jonathan Buckley, who heads up RTS Events, explains that we’ve always run automotive events, but under the new RTS Events brand our offering is being strengthened and extended.

“We really understand automotive, we understand the challenges and we understand how to put on a fantastic event which will meet and exceed expectations,” says Jonathan.

“We come at it from a different perspective from many event companies: we’re a specialist automotive sector agency who understands how to design and deliver events, rather than a general event company trying to get to grips with the particular characteristics, challenges and needs of the automotive sector. Our aim is to help our client’s teams deliver on the brand promises.”

Our grounding and foundation in automotive learning and development gives the new RTS Events division the credibility that manufacturers are looking for to stage product launches for their retail networks, conferences and events for their own staff, or customer-facing events.

The RTS Events team

Jonathan began his career in the 1990s in automotive events, organising everything from a customer ride and drive to large motor shows.

He says: “I’ve been in events and learning and development ever since and so I genuinely understand everything, from what it’s like being the guy on the ground who builds the set, to the guy who pitches to a client and makes a promise of what we can deliver, and then making sure we deliver it.”

Jonathan joined RTS Group in April this year to head up the new RTS Events team. During his career, Jonathan has worked with agencies and also for manufacturers, which gives him an insight into what OEMs want and expect from events.
He’ll head up a team of project managers and associated support staff, all working directly for RTS Events, who will also be able to tap into the expertise of our learning and development, design and creative specialists.

Digital learning for events

RTS Events promises innovative and digital ways of delivering events. The inhouse design team have created an App which builds excitement and engagement before, during and after an event.

Says Jonathan: “All too often an event seems to be standalone and not integrated as part of a campaign. There has to be a clear learning journey, which isn’t chalk and talk but is experiential, which enthuses the participants so they will take that learning back and apply it in their place of work. A central part of the campaign has to be digital learning in the lead-up – which can be four months before the event – as well as during and afterwards.”

The launch of RTS Events comes hot on the heels of the creation of RTS Retail, a new service to fast-track performance and profitability of car retailers.

You can find out about events we’ve run, like the C-HR launch for Toyota or this internal staff conference. If you’d like a fresh perspective on your automotive events, from the experienced team in our RTS Events division, please get in touch by emailing email, or calling 01249 445622.

Malcolm Miller

Malcolm is RTS Group’s managing director so he oversees everything in the company and spends a large proportion of his time on new business development. He joined us initially as an associate, setting up the Mazda Academy, and became MD in 2013. He is a Fellow of the Institute of the Motor Industry.

Malcolm’s background is as a freelance trainer, largely in the automotive sector but also within the finance industry. His first ever job was as a paperboy – he delivered 40 papers a day from 6am, and was paid double on a Sunday because of the weight he had to carry!

He admits he has a somewhat untidy desk and should probably get the coffees in a bit more often, but his good humour and go-getting approach mean the team let him off. In his spare time, Malcolm is a rugby referee travelling across the south of England, and he has three grown-up children. Malcolm describes himself as “curious” which makes him the perfect person to explore new opportunities for RTS Group.