New service aims to drive profitability for motor retailers

7 August 18

Carl Gregory

New service aims to drive profitability for motor retailers

A new service to fast-track the performance and profitability of car retailers has been launched by the team here at RTS Group.

The RTS Retail brand is being offered directly to dealerships, to bring improvements to their performance and bottom line. Consultancy services already delivered by RTS to retailers via their manufacturer partners will also come under the umbrella of RTS Retail.

About RTS Retail

The service will provide experienced, senior automotive experts to work directly with dealerships to increase their gross profit using RTS Retail’s unique Profit Builder diagnostic.

RTS Retail is headed up by RTS Group account director Carl Gregory, who believes RTS Retail is different from other automotive consultancy services. Says Carl: “It works in partnership with dealer managers to improve their gross profit using professional advice and guidance. That way they remain in control but can continue to implement these long after our consultants have gone.”

Malcolm Miller, RTS Group managing director, says the creation of RTS Retail is an exciting development for the business, as it is a vehicle for dealerships to directly engage RTS expertise.

“We have a tried and tested process which we are excited to now be offering directly to automotive retailers,” he say. “Our highly experienced consultants, who all have senior manager experience in the industry, can relate to and empathise with the issues dealers face and know how to put solutions in place which have quick and positive results.

“Most dealers see inviting an independent view as a positive. After all, it’s an opportunity to increase their gross profit which can only be a good thing. They also take all the credit as they are in charge of the process.”

The Profit Builder packages range from a free diagnostic up to bespoke solutions. Selected packages are offered on a no win, no fee basis. All focus specifically on increasing gross profit in the business areas identified.

Please see our full range of Profit Builder packages here, or call Carl Gregory on +44 (0) 1249 449600 for more information about RTS Retail.

Carl Gregory

Carl joined RTS Group in 2013 as Head of Mazda Academy, and is now Account Director, managing the relationship with our clients to ensure they have a great customer experience. He works in partnership with clients and colleagues to maximise our clients’ return on expectation and return on investment, so adding tangible commercial value to their businesses. Carl describes himself as “passionate”, so he is perfectly suited to his role.

Before joining us, Carl had a long and successful career in the automotive sector, including several academy headships and managing a dealership in Germany. He was also European Training Manager for Volvo Trucks in Sweden.

Carl has two sons, and in his spare time his passion extends to football – he commentates on England football matches for the online Champions Soccer Radio Network which broadcasts in the US.

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