An established automotive brand wanted to adopt a very different approach to improving network performance through:.

Increase profitability for automotive network

How a unique approach to people development helped an automotive manufacturer increase network profitability

The Challenge

An established automotive brand wanted to adopt a very different approach to improving network performance through:

  • Bespoke, personal, in-dealer coaching and consultancy as opposed to generic training delivered en masse.
  • Changing the behaviour of dealer staff in accordance with their brand values.
  • Improving commercial awareness of individual managers to increase performance.
  • Improving recruitment and retention of the right people.

The Solution

Working with the Training & Development Manager we created a unique development programme for the dealer network. The brand wanted to move away from traditional training methods and “break all the rules” to reflect their brand values as an innovator and driver of change.

The key focus improvement areas were:

  • Commercial Awareness – quickly, and to also improve dealer performance through specific actions (even the most experienced managers learned new techniques).
  • Leadership and Coaching – drive performance of the team by developing individuals quickly and effectively.
  • Recruitment & Retention – the turnover of sales staff in the network was running around 50%. and costing dealers a significant amount in terms of lost sales; reduced customer satisfaction; induction & training.
  • Culture & Brand – brand values and behaviours were inconsistent throughout the network and required communicating to customers in a more positive and engaging manner.
Each dealer underwent a thorough analysis of performance in these areas. This was done collaboratively with the management team to identify the key issues/levers where performance could be improved or fine-tuned. 

An action plan was then agreed followed by individual and group coaching sessions with dealer staff. Performance very quickly started to improve and dealers took ownership of their plan and continued its implementation after the consultants had gone. It created a culture of continuous improvement. They welcomed the visits and dedicated their time because all their work was focussed on directly improving performance and completely tailored to their business situation.

The Result

An average increase in GP of £49,276 per dealer compared to £14,051 for non-participating dealers.

“RTS offers a unique brand of consultancy support. Their consultants are highly experienced and work with dealerships in an engaging and motivational way. Carl’s and the team’s approach was one of the key points to achieving “buy in”. Retailers can be suspicious of manufacturer programmes, but the way Carl and the team went about the business and how they demonstrated added value gained the retailers’ trust and that was a key component of why the programme was so successful.

The feedback received from the dealer network was exceptional and it was clear that they valued and appreciated this very personal and partnership way of working. This approach led to a significant increase in gross profit for the dealers involved in the project.  I would recommend this service to any dealer group or OEM looking to improve performance in their retailer network.

Alex Goddard – UK Training & Development Manager