“Suddenly everybody is a digital learning expert!”​


Have you noticed that now the world has discovered Zoom and Microsoft Teams, the only solution to replacing workshop and classroom learning is yet another online meeting?

Well - online meetings will have a big role in a digital learning strategy, but they are not the only tool in your toolbox.

At RTS Group we have providing a mix of digital with face to face learning programmes for some of the biggest names in the automotive sector for 15 years – and the answer is not ‘just another webinar’.

Our ‘toolbox’ for providing an effective blended digital solution is much wider…

App – based learning

The ability to place learning into the hands of your learners, with customised layouts, daily updates, forums and rich content to engage learning...

Video – based learning

Many people have turned to short sharp video content to replace the written word - so have your learners - if you need to grab attention and get a point across our greenscreen facilities and rapid video production makes an instant impact on your learning programmes.

Webinars / Virtual classroom

For 15 years we have been using virtual classroom as part of the learning journey - does it work? Well, you can't just take a one-day programme designed for a classroom and present it on Zoom - we have learned about what works and what creates engaging programmes that deliver instant results.

Animation – based learning

From simple talking heads to fully animated eLearning pieces, animation has allowed learning to be produced and updated quickly - keeping it relevant and engaging the learners with rich and varied content.

Have you noticed that not every webinar is the same?


Frankly many online events are deadly dull and flat and can be a poor way for engaging your learners.

We learned through our own learning curve works online and what doesn’t – the good news is we have the answers and the experience to deliver rich and engaging virtual webinars or online classrooms.

Fifteen years ago, we started with two laptops and a 'new-fangled' webcam on a stick – we are slicker today with our own studios and greenscreen technology - but the learning experience remains just as powerful.

Turn text based learning and information into a mix of engaging, short burst formats delivered via app and mLearning

Create eLearning, online coaching modules and distance learning modules that hone and sharpen skills in the right areas

Use green screen and animation to create how to guides or to support virtual classroom delivery

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