Helping your staff choose the honest, legal and compliant route.

Remaining compliant is vital for any automotive dealership...

…but for busy managers, getting to grips with the implications of ever-changing legislation is another time burden – yet you can’t afford to get this wrong.

Due diligence needs to be paid to consumer rights, data protection, indemnity, finance and a whole host of other laws, but where to start, when the world of compliance is such a maze?

We can help. We liaise closely with lawyers, and have our finger on the pulse over legislation changes, developing programmes which help keep you up to date and legal.

And our learning solutions don’t always mean you have to spend time away from the dealership. We will deliver learning digitally, via podcasts and webinars, so you can learn when it suits you.

Let us help you to protect the safety of your customers and your employees, and reduce the risk of costly litigation.

Contact our team to talk about compliance and see how we can help.

For further information on how we can help with your Legal and Compliance requirement please contact John Brannigan on +44 (0) 1249 446775 or email