Leyun Wang

RTS (Bejing) General Manager 


Leyun Wang is representing our company and managing our projects in Asia and China.

Hailing from China, Leyun studied in the UK and Switzerland, before working for some years in financial and legal services in Europe. When she returned to China, she got involved in education and the automotive learning and development sector.

Leyun had supported projects run by FIMTRAC® – our finance and insurance division, whose learning and development programmes help dealerships increase finance penetration at point of sale, enabling them to better manage the trade cycle process. She manages FIMTRAC®’s Asia operation by liaising closely with automotive manufacturers to deliver high impact and inspirational training programmes. She also involves in china technical and sales training delivery for one of our sport car clients.

Leyun has a Tuscany truffle dog named Tyger, she would like one day go on a truffle hunting tour in China in the hope of seeing her dog strike gold with his natural talents and detect the gourmet treasure.

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