Working in partnership to drive automotive dealership profitability

Increasing gross profit in your business

All automotive dealerships have the potential to improve:

  • High-performing dealers want to maximise their profits.
  • Less well performing dealers need support with new business development.
  • Dealer Groups want parity of performance between dealers.

Specific issues like used car ROI, workshop efficiency, leadership and a dealership’s culture can all have an impact on profitability. On top of that, issues with staff competence, recruitment and retention, as well as out-dated processes and compliance standards, all have an effect on gross profit.

Nowadays, even not having something as simple as a strategic and robust social media strategy could seriously impact upon profitability. In other words, how are you engaging and conversing with your buyers in this new high tech world that lives in people’s pockets (via smartphones)?

Not to mention knowing how Millennials shop these days.

Finding a solution to squeezed GP is often a challenge, but we have 30 years’ experience in identifying and recommending solutions that can drive improved profitability.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in profits because of the simple actions proposed. We’ve seen a quicker turnaround on used cars, improved profit and a more informed Sales Team.” – Matthew Savage, Dealership General Manager

By working in partnership with RTS Retail, and using our Profit Builder diagnostic, you too can drive profits in your dealership. Read this customer story here how profit was unlocked for one dealer.

Please see our full range of Profit Builder packages here. Alternatively, please browse FAQs below or call Malcolm Miller on +44 (0) 1249 449600 with any of your questions.

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Frequently asked questions about Profit Builder

Q: Why do I need help to improve my dealership’s performance?

A: Every dealer, even the best, has the capacity to improve. However, when you are involved in the daily running of the business it is sometimes difficult to identify the areas to fine tune. We are experts in this field and offer an independent view along with practical advice and solutions. 

Q: Are the results clearly measurable?

A: Yes, all our packages focus specifically on increasing GP in the business areas identified.

Q: What type of dealers have you worked with?

A: We have worked successfully with a wide range of dealerships of varying sizes and business models, all with their own specific issues.

Q: Is this service only for underperforming dealers?

A: Not at all. In fact, some of our most successful projects have been with high-performing dealers that just want to become even more profitable?

Q: What is different about the service you offer compared to others out there?

A: We work with you in partnership to improve your GP using professional advice and guidance. That way you remain in control but can continue to implement these after we have gone.

Q: I can’t afford to invest much in improving my business, what should I do?

A: No problem! Our Free Diagnostic will give you an indication of how much we could improve your GP. You should then balance that against the investment. For example, with one client we were able to increase the GP of each dealer site, on average, by at least 5 times their investment.

Q: Are you going to come in and start trying to run my dealership?

A: No, absolutely not. We work in partnership with you in an advisory capacity. You are free to implement or not implement our recommendations.

Q: Will my boss/owner think I’m not performing if I hire consultants to help me?

A: Highly unlikely. In fact, most see inviting an independent view as a positive. After all it’s an opportunity to increase your GP which can only be a good thing. You also take all the credit as you are in charge of the process.

Q: I am seeing an increase in my dealership’s profitability, can I upgrade to a higher package?

A: Yes, of course. Our packages are designed so that you can upgrade at any time.

Q: What if I have a very specific issue in my business which needs fixing?

A: No problem. We provide bespoke packages which are tailored to meet your exact requirements, budget and time-scales?

Q: Why does your service consistently produce results?

A: We have a tried and tested process along with highly experienced consultants who have all previously been senior executives in the motor industry. They can relate to and empathise with the issues you are facing and know how to put solutions in place – fast!

Q: What if it doesn’t work?

A: Selected Profit Builder Premium + packages offer a “no win, no fee” guarantee. So, if your GP does not increase by as much as your investment then we’ll happily refund the difference. We are that confident we can improve your business.